deny static ip

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun Sep 16 09:03:34 UTC 2012

Alex Bligh wrote:

>>It can ping, you have to set the option. For that to work, the offender
>>must reply to pings
>I wonder why it doesn't arping (issue arp 'who has?')

It could do, but only on the wires local to the server. it would 
still need to use ping for networks reached via routers. Hence two 
lots of code.

But, remember that this is a "last chance" check to pick up 
situations which are not supposed to happen. It's not required 
(AFAIK) by any RFC, and I don't think it's done by other servers.
If there is a clash, the client is supposed to detect that locally 
(?) and decline the lease offer.

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