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> > And what is the correct method to seek an answer?
> If you don't get an answer from volunteers, you have to depend on your
> own resources.   What would be the first thing to try, do you think?

First, since we've never had an interaction before, and I asked a pretty
reasonable question, that was well documented (complete, appropriate config
included, non-demanding or needy), I'm really at a loss to understand
people's attitude. Is this list really that way to everyone? I get you're
volunteers. However, I didn't cop an attitude, I didn't complain about poor
service or use exclamation marks, I just resubmitted the question in the
hope that someone who didn't see it last time would notice it and make some
helpful response.

As far as the first thing to try goes, here were my immediate thoughts:

1) Spend 27 hours reading the source for the application to figure out if it
really handles tagged frames right. If it doesn't handle tagged frames
right, write a fix, and submit it to the developer list as a patch.

2) Post to the developer list and see if there's someone there that will
have mercy (and dispense grace) towards a pretty reasonable question that
was well asked (complete, documented, etc).

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