Frame Tagging

Ted Lemon Ted.Lemon at
Thu Aug 1 19:13:48 UTC 2013

On Aug 1, 2013, at 5:17 PM, George Sexton <georges at> wrote:
> First, since we've never had an interaction before, and I asked a pretty
> reasonable question, that was well documented (complete, appropriate config
> included, non-demanding or needy), I'm really at a loss to understand
> people's attitude.

You're talking to a list, not to a person.   The first step is not to personify it.   Nobody is responsible for answering, so people answer if they have the answer on the top of their head when they read the list, and don't answer if they don't.

> Is this list really that way to everyone? I get you're
> volunteers. However, I didn't cop an attitude, I didn't complain about poor
> service or use exclamation marks, I just resubmitted the question in the
> hope that someone who didn't see it last time would notice it and make some
> helpful response.

I was trying to be helpful; I'm sorry you took it as "copping an attitude."   Teach a person to fish, etc.   I asked that question to get a sense of what you'd thought of already.

The first thing I would do to debug this is to use a switch that takes tagged packets in one port, and puts untagged packets on the VLAN you want to configure out another port.   If that fixes it, then you're done, unless you really want to spend a lot more than 27 hours diving into the code!

This is a question I actually would not have known how to answer a month ago—it's a fairly obscure topic for many of us, I suspect.

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