Slow DHCP Responses

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Aug 8 07:18:22 UTC 2013

"Gruher, Joseph R" wrote:
> My problem is DHCP requests take a very long time, generally around 30-40 seconds.
> This is consistent across different clients and across different sources of the DHCP request (Linux, Windows, BIOS PXE, iPXE).
> They do always complete eventually but it seems like they should only take far, far less time.

Yes, it should be "nearly instant".
As Steve says, have a look at your switch ports first - I've been caught out with this in the past when using a managed switch that defaults to Spanning Tree turned on :( One very quick way round this is to attach your device to a really basic "dumb" switch.

Also, as a side note, unless you are part of Alascom, Inc, you shouldn't be using their IP allocation ( You should stick to RFC1918 addresses (,, which are explicitly set aside for private use. Even if this is a completely isolated network, it's bad practice to use someone elses addresses - one day you'll forget and it'll bite you on the backside.

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