dhclient: IA for prefix delegation according RFC3633

Mirko Vogt isc at nanl.de
Thu Jan 17 16:48:23 UTC 2013


I'm part of an IPv6 test pool of my ISP. Their DHCPv6 server is
delegating a prefix to my CPE (running Linux and an ISC dhclient) - so
far so good.
However according to the ISP, I should be able to request multiple ipv6
prefixes as described in RFC3633 (IA for prefix delegation).
I wasn't able to figure out yet, how to request those prefixes with
dhclient and assign them to my interfaces.

Mailing list posts I found while searching around covered "That's not
implemented / configurable (yet)"[1][2] to links which discuss filed
bugs reporting issues[3] I'm not sure they're really related to my problem.

Could anybody clarify about whether IA for prefix delegation according
RFC3633 is possible with the ISC dhclient or not?

Thanks a lot in advance!



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