Bandwith limit via DHCP

Simon Hobson simon at
Mon Mar 18 16:39:07 UTC 2013

AJH wrote:
>We like to limit the bandwith of a client
>(for example onto the router) via DHCP.
>What I mean:
>Exists a posiblity to create something like
>a profile onto the DHCP server for a host,
>where the "speed limit" is included...

This is something teh DHCP service is not even remotely involved with. All the DHCP service can do is issue addresses (and options with them) - it has no part in handling traffic.

Whilst you could define some site-specific options (there's nothing suitable already defined), you'd also have to write the support for it into all the clients using the network. This would only work with those devices which allow enough flexibility - which is a minority.

What you could do (and is what I suspect you are after), is to have some hooks in the DHCP server that will trigger policy changes in your router. Thus you'd have your router enforce any traffic restrictions, and have these enabled/disabled/modified according the DHCP lease activity. On Linux boxes there are some rich traffic management tools - can't speak for other platforms.
There are "on-..." options available that will allow you to call external commands on lease issue, expiry etc.

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