Bandwith limit via DHCP

Adam Moffett adamlists at
Mon Mar 18 18:57:30 UTC 2013

> Hello together,
> I have a nice requirement :-)
> We like to limit the bandwith of a client
> (for example onto the router) via DHCP.
> What I mean:
> Exists a posiblity to create something like
> a profile onto the DHCP server for a host,
> where the "speed limit" is included...
> Any ideas?

DHCP doesn't do that.  Is the DHCP server also the router?  If so, you 
certainly could arrange something.

If you want to make it easy, look at a product called Mikrotik 
RouterOS.  It's a software based router that can apply traffic shaping 
and if you make a dhcp reservation for a client you can specify his rate 
limit there and it does the rest.

If you were looking for some DHCP option that tells the client to limit 
itself, I'm sure that doesn't exist.

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