Need Help DHCP Server

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Mon Mar 18 16:45:06 UTC 2013

Prabhpal S. Mavi wrote:
>Since you wish to know how VLANs are connected, i will explain for you.
>It is a implementation of wireless ISP, where we have 68 host spots across
>the city. The current implementation of hotspots is being handle by a
>commercial product that is very much highly UN reliable. i was asked to
>look in to open source world to build up a reliable solution as
>replacement to existing (commercial one).
>i implemented FreeRadius 2.2 + CoovaChillii 1.3 + MySQL 5x + Daloradius
>for Voucher managements for the host spot. This (DHCP) was the last task
>on the checklist (requirements). Where everything was working smooth
>(Implementation was tested with single DHCP environment) i was almost
>stack on this DHCP issue. which you guys helped. It is yet remaining to be
>done on Cisco side but Linux server "isc-dhcp" daemon started alright.
>Project was more than i detailed here controlling hotspot users using
>Freeradius AAA Server.
>Clients in the hotspot --> Connected to indoor AP (Access Point) -->
>Switch  --> Router --> Mast - Telecom Poll  --> (VLAN Packets Tagging)
>Microwave Radio Link to Our Data Center --> ISP HO Access Point --> Core
>Switch (VLANs) --> DHCP Server.

That sounds much more interesting than anything I'm working on at the moment !

>I will arrange the replies of this discussion and post back to the list
>with marked "RESOLVED" for the archives, when done. so that it will help
>other as well.

Thanks, it's always nice to know if problems got resolved - and as you say, may help someone else when they look through the archives.

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