Update from Squeeze to Wheezy : host not found

Vincent list-dhcpd at lph.im
Wed Nov 13 09:21:48 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I've got a strange behaviour after upgrading my Debian server from
squeeze (dhcpd v4.1.1 / bind v9.7.3) to wheezy (dhcpd v4.2.2 / bind v9.8.4).

Until many years I'm used to configure theses services for small networks
and I'm using host declarations with a fixed-address (fqdn, not IP) like
this :

host pascaglia {
  hardware ethernet 11:22:33:44:55:66;
  fixed-address pascaglia.mydomain.local;

When any host declared like this is asking for a lease, i got from syslog :
dhcpd: pascaglia.mydomain.local: host unknown.

Instead of providing the correct IP/lease, the client gets a "generic IP"
from the pool, not the fixed one.

NB : The local bind server is OK and when asked (dig, nslookup), give the
correct IP for pascaglia.mydomain.local or pascaglia (thanks to the
search/domain directives of resolv.conf). The reverse is OK too.

The dhcpd.conf(5) manual clearly indicates that using dns is possible :
"Each address in the fixed-address declaration should be either an IP
address or a domain name that resolves to one or more IP addresses."

But the resolution is not done anymore !

Many hours searching the net and list archives about this, but not found
any clue about it... so I'm asking you... what am i missing ?

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