Dhcpd failover with fixed IP only : thoughts ?

tom tom at calixo.net
Fri Sep 6 22:09:46 UTC 2013


I am toying with dhcpd failover at the moment and I am wondering if 
clustering is relevant for fixed IP allocation ?
Clustering makes a lot of sense for dynamic IP to share the leases but 
assuming you only have to allocate fixed IP, I believe clustering may 
not be necessary and having a delay (min-secs) between dhcpserver1 and 
dhcpserver2 could achieve redundancy as well, isn't it ?

However, I may be missing something so I am open to suggestions and 
thoughts about HA and fixed IP allocation.

PS: I used the word 'clustering' or 'failover' when talking about the 
'DHCP Failover protocol' feature.


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