Client tied to pool via (sub)class in one subnet, same client has host declaration in other subnet...

Christian Marg marg at
Fri Sep 20 10:08:12 UTC 2013


On 19.09.2013 17:35, Simon Hobson wrote:
> You rely on incorrect operation ?

No, I rely on inheritance. I just recently understood that the
inheritance comes from assigned IP to subnet declaration mapping, not
from position in file.

> No, the problem is that you have been told the answer but refuse to
> accept it !

Perhaps you can understand my reluctance to change a setup that seems to
work for 4500 clients to something I don't understand correctly just
because you tell me to *g*.

Now I understand (and have tested) what I have read in the manpage.

 > It's a problem that's come up here before, and the fix has always
 > been the same.

>> I already moved the class and subclass declaration out of the
>> subnet - no change in behaviour. Of course the pool was still in
>> the subnet, but where else would it be.

> It works for others ! Be aware that some clients just don't accept
> changed options - you need to explicitly release and relew the lease
> for changes to show up.

I was tcpdump-ing the answers from the dhcp server so client behaviour 
was not the issue.

I don't know what exactly changed from the first tries (or understand 
why the problem seems to be gone) but somehow it seems to work in my lab 
environment.  I'll reply with a final status after changes are complete...

kind regards,

Christian Marg
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