DHCPD crash after BIND update

Raymond Drew Walker Ray.Walker at nau.edu
Mon Apr 14 21:58:28 UTC 2014

After updating from BIND 9.9.4 to 9.9.5 we started to experience failures on DHCP 4.2.5-P1

Once where the dhcpd process would hang, and become unresponsive after +24hrs of running. Then once again after ~12hrs of running without issue, dhcpd process crashed completely. Both times had no indication in dhcpd logs of similar behavior pre-unresponsiveness, or other logs indicating either unexpected behavior or other failures/errors. No indication in BIND logs either.

Rolling back to BIND 9.9.4 resolved the issue.

Have so far been unable to reproduce this in a test environment, nor have we had the ability to turn on debug logging in production environment (yet.)

Even though it was an upgrade in BIND, posting here since it was dhcpd that was crashing.

Any insight as to why this may be happening?
Raymond Walker
Software Systems Engineer StSp.
ITS - Northern Arizona University
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