Intermittent problems with DHCP Offers

Scott Lacy scott at
Tue Apr 29 00:37:28 UTC 2014

Running 4.1.1-p1 on a physical RHEL6 system, I've had an intermittent issue
recently with dhcp offers not being responded to.  This started late last
week, and was first resolved by rebooting the system; restarting dhcpd nor
disabling iptables resolved the problem.  Informs and Acks seemed to work
fine, but releasing and renewing did not work.

The problem popped back up again today, and reboots did not resolve the
problem; I wound up creating a VM with CentOS5 and dhcpd 3.0.5 on a VMWare
ESXi server and things seem to be back up and running for now.

Has anyone ever run into this issue on an intermittent basis before?  If
this was a fresh install that would be one thing, but this server has been
in place for over a year and this is the first indication of trouble.
 Restarting dhcpd nor disabling iptables resolved the problem, nor did a
reboot.  What would change for clients to stop responding to offers (or for
offers to stop getting to them)?

Any advice would be appeciated.


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