Motorola Canopy and static IP's

Geordie geordi at
Wed Feb 5 00:14:46 UTC 2014

to Sten Carlsen

Did you consider the importance of the 169.254.x.x IP?
RFC 5227  

  Allocation of IPv4 Link-Local Addresses [RFC3927] can be thought of
   as a special case of this mechanism, where the configuring agent is
   a pseudo-random number generator, and the action it takes upon being
   notified of a conflict is to pick a different random number and try
   again.  In fact, this is exactly how IPv4 Link-Local Addressing was
   implemented in Mac OS 9 back in 1998.  If the DHCP client failed to
   get a response from any DHCP server, it would simply make up a fake
   response containing a random 169.254.x.x address.  If the ARP module
   reported a conflict for that address, then the DHCP client would try
   again, making up a new random 169.254.x.x address as many times as
   was necessary until it succeeded.  Implementing ACD as a standard
   feature of the networking stack has the side effect that it means
   that half the work for IPv4 Link-Local Addressing is already done.

Actually I never gave it much thought until I tried to setup LXC
containers on a server and the IP addresses were not static. The
addressing has been this way since we moved here in 2007. I have been
through several generation of linux boxes and Windows xp and it was
always the same. I have replaced routers and switches with the results
So I guess the DHCP client was doing its job on all the different boxes.
I am assuming, please correct me if I wrong, that I need to set up dhcp
server to handle the queries. But how does one actual have the dhcp
server connect to the wan through the Motorola? Or does the DHCP server
auto magically connect. Is there something special I need to ask or
look for?

Thanks for the read

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