DHCP gives out same IP address to two clients

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The latest version of dhcpd in alpha testing right now has a formal option to turn on using only the MAC address / ignoring UID. It is recommended not to use the option, however, as it breaks RFC. 

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> Steinar Haug wrote:

> > Your DHCP server is working as expected. The standard says that client
> > identifier should be used in preference to MAC address - if it exists.
> > Both your leases show client identifier (uid) "589br".

> Yep, I just noticed that bit. Thanks :)

> > There's been multiple requests through the years to always use MAC
> > address and ignore client identifier - and also some patches.

> I'll look for these (and see if anything can be done to get those CPEs to
> behave properly).

> Regards
> Eivind Olsen

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