DHCP gives out same IP address to two clients

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Thu Jan 9 14:56:15 UTC 2014

hmmm ... 

- Add ignore-client-uids option in the server. This option causes 
the server to not record a client's uid in its lease. This 
violates the specification but may also be useful when a client 
can dual boot using different client ids but the same mac address. 
Thank you to Brian De Wolf for the patch. 
[ISC-Bugs #32427] 
[ISC-Bugs #35066] 

After reading that bit again, i'm not sure that it actually does what I said :) It doesn't seem to match your situation where you have two different mac and same UID. In any case ... 4.3.0a1 if you want to test... 

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> The latest version of dhcpd in alpha testing right now has a formal option to
> turn on using only the MAC address / ignoring UID. It is recommended not to
> use the option, however, as it breaks RFC.
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