Questions and Suggested mclt on DHCP with failover

Nicholas Eastman, Royell Communications Inc. nick.eastman at
Wed Jan 15 21:40:57 UTC 2014

We are beginning to get failover DHCP set up on our network after a recent server failure. We have most of the set up ready, but have some concerns about mclt. We have a little over 4,000 customers that will be using these servers when all is said and done and don't want to cause too many issues if something does fail.

That being said, with mclt, when a server is done with recovery and waiting for the mclt to expire, does it respond to new discover requests, or do they not respond to any requests at all? All of the documentation I have seen seems to point to the latter, not the former.

With that question in mind, do most of you use the default time of 3600, or do you shorten the timer to allow a faster recovery?

-Nicholas Eastman

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