loss of DHCP traffic on VMs?

Joseph Bernard jhb at clemson.edu
Fri Mar 28 17:23:03 UTC 2014

We had an issue with DHCP yesterday which lead me to test UDP traffic from the VM we loaded on our VMware ESXi box.  I found that after around 25Mbps UDP starts to lose packets, and it gets worse and worse the fast you go.  I tried every virtual card type (e1000, VMXNET2, VMXNET3) with the same results.  I even tried on different servers, and they were also showing UDP packet loss.  Physical boxes on the same network showed no packet loss until I pushed their NICs to the limit (1Gbps).

Has anyone faced DCHP problems by using a VM because of this?  If so, were you able to fix it or did you just move back to a physical box?

Joseph B.

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