duid and dhcpd6.client-id

Andreas Burger andreas at ethz.ch
Mon Mar 31 07:47:53 UTC 2014

hi there,

i try to figure out how i have to write the dhcpd6.client-id
in the dhcpd6.conf

clientsystems are linux, macosx and windows7

i tested mostly under linux.

in the dhclient6.conf i tested with id in form xx:xx:xx....
cleartext and \00\001\.... form

in the dhcpd6.lease on the server i often end with ia-na entrys
which heave sort of a prefix:


even if i do add literally the entry i see in the leasefile
to the clientconfig the client does not get the address set in the 

my goal is to give fixed addresses, or at least, only give adresses to 
known hosts.

is there any docuemntation about how theses ids are handled?


Andreas Burger
Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich
Departement Hest                          ISG
LFV E31  8092 Zuerich        +41 44 632 68 54
andreas.burger at hest.ethz.ch

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