Option dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr

Antonios Atlasis antonios.atlasis at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 17:21:36 UTC 2015


I have setup a DHCPv6 relay which forwards the DHCPv6 request to my ISC
DHCPv6 server version 4.3.1 running on Centos 6.6.

The DHCPv6 server leases an address successfully to the client.

I have confirmed by using wireshark  that the DHCPv6 Relay includes the
Option 79 (Client Link-Layer Address) defined in RFC6939 in its
Relay-Forward messages.

I want to log the MAC address of the client by using the
dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr which seems to be implemented in this version
of ISC DHCP (I am saying "it seems" because it is included here:
but not in the official documentation).

In my dhcpd.conf I have tried several configurations, including the one
described here:
that is:

if (exists dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr) {
        log(info,"option dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr present");
} else {
       log(info,"option dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr not present");

but I also get

dhcpd: option dhcp6.client-linklayer-addr not present

Does anyone know if this option is implemented indeed and if so, what I am
possibly missing? Any suggestions?


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