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Dana Huggard dana.huggard at
Wed Jan 21 23:26:44 UTC 2015

Hi.  I thank those who had posted replies to my initial queries.
I do have some failover-peers working to manage load. This break off of a
new server is to isolate a test-harness and its vlan onto its own dhcp and
bind servers to just separate it from the office and other non-test
networks.   I have been seeing ddns timeouts and want to break this test
group and its thousands of clients away.
The test group needs to work out details of how their mechanisms will work
in under the new domain name. So something they want me to do is send some
select dhcp clients to a specific server. What I am thinking is making use
of a "class" statement.  The full test subnet is a /18.  We do not have the
full /18 defined in the subnet declaration, so I am planning to bring up
the new dhcp server with an unused portion of the subnet but only want to
allow some and deny others.

So something  like this

class "select-hosts" {
        match if (substring(option host-name,0,23) = "select-hosts");

subnet 10.x.x.x netmask {
       option routers 10.x.x.x;
       option nis-servers 10.x.x.x;
       option domain-name-servers;

       pool {
                allow members of "select-hosts"
                range 10.x.x.x 10.x.x.x;

What I'd like to ask the list is does anyone know;
  1. If the select clients get denied on the other dhcp servers, will they
find this one?
  2. when one of the non-select clients tries here and is not allowed, will
they give up or find the other dhcp servers?
  3. Am I sane?

Thank you.
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