DDNS Update to multiple views

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Jul 20 14:40:26 UTC 2015

Sebastian Kricner <sebastian.kricner at tuxwave.net> wrote:

> is it possible to have ISC DHCP Servers update multiple zones at once,
> referring to the same zone?
> Selection of views is possible with TSIG keys, that is known and not the
> problem. I think, that ISC DHCP would just only update once.
> Haven´t tried it yet, but it is important on such setups.

No, as you say, it'll only do one update - I assume to the default view.

IMO, a lot of what multiple views are used for could be vastly improved by a "this is a partial zone, if a record exists then serve it, otherwise try <some other zone/view/DNS server> and serve any record(s) you get from there" function.

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