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Sebastian Kricner sebastian.kricner at tuxwave.net
Mon Jul 20 15:12:16 UTC 2015

Hello Simon,

well, i am thinking about the issue, that some setups are still using
IPv4. At least, for example, i am using IPv4 and IPv6, so it is
preferred to put those private IPv4 addresses into a private view.

But the problem is:

I would like to try IPv6 mobility and after having a DDNS setup with
stateful DHCPv6 it would be great to have it update multiple zones.


On both zones are global unicast addresses for IPv6 and on the private
zone are also private IPv4 addresses.

When also doing dynamic stateful IPv6 configuration the hosts shall send
the suggested hostname to use to the DHCPv6 server. So it would need to
update both zones.

For reverse DHCP i use common zones "in view" statement from ISC BIND,
this would update both views. But as private addresses shall be kept
private, it would need to update both zones.

Another possibility would be, is it possible to have ISC BIND serve one
zone with multiple sources? Then i could do one common zone ("in view"
statement) just for IPv6 addresses and serve both views and having also
IPv4 addresses in private view.

Sebastian Kricner

Simon Hobson, Mon, Jul 20, 2015 03:40:26PM +0100
>Sebastian Kricner <sebastian.kricner at tuxwave.net> wrote:
>> is it possible to have ISC DHCP Servers update multiple zones at once,
>> referring to the same zone?
>> Selection of views is possible with TSIG keys, that is known and not the
>> problem. I think, that ISC DHCP would just only update once.
>> Haven´t tried it yet, but it is important on such setups.
>No, as you say, it'll only do one update - I assume to the default view.
>IMO, a lot of what multiple views are used for could be vastly improved by a "this is a partial zone, if a record exists then serve it, otherwise try <some other zone/view/DNS server> and serve any record(s) you get from there" function.
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