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On 23/07/15 13:44, richard lucassen wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Jul 2015 09:46:07 +0100
> Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at> wrote:
>>> Goal: I want to have a pool from:
>>> to
>>> The first host gets 128, the 2nd 129 etc. The max-lease-time is
>>> 300s. I switch off the two hosts. After 10 minutes I take two
>>> different hosts. Now I would like that dhcpd assigns ip 128 and 129
>>> again to the new machines.
>> Config/testing bench ?
> yep
>> No, you'd need to do some external work to make that happen. BTW - is
>> the goal that a "new" machine will get .128, or that the "old"
>> machine will get a different address - it makes a difference to ways
>> of achieving it, and one is harder than the other ?
> When using the test network, I'd like to have all hosts start from 128
> (or, as you say from 254, that behaviour changed a few years ago AFAIK)
> In fact, it's a /24 network and some hosts regularely come back. The
> problem is now that I always have to nmap the /24 in order to find the
> hosts that populate this network. And as I use clusterssh to manage
> these hosts, each time I need to find out the correct command as
> dhcpd reassigns the ip that it once assigned in the past ;-)
I wonder if "on commit" might be a help?
> I was looking for an option "remove-expired-entries-from-leases-file"
> or something like that :)
> I agree: I'm terribly lazy :)
> R.

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