[Bug Report] key conflict message for create host by OMAPI

Steve van der Burg steve.vanderburg at lhsc.on.ca
Fri Nov 6 13:21:31 UTC 2015

Caciano Machado <caciano at cpd.ufrgs.br> wrote:
>> Updating a single host record to include multiple IP addresses is much
>> cleaner and programatically safer.
> I can't see how that could be safer. In some environments this approach 
> will be definitely less safer and less intuitive than creating/removing 
> individual host statements with only one IP address, because you will 
> need more code to check the IPs that already are in host statements 
> before updating them. Also, one IP address per host statement is 
> consistent with how DHCP configuration files works.

Not really.  The host statements are about *hosts* and you seem to want them to be about IP addresses.  A host can move from network to network, and if it needs a different static address on each one, you need to define that list of addresses for the host.


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