[Bug Report] key conflict message for create host by OMAPI

Caciano Machado caciano at cpd.ufrgs.br
Mon Nov 9 11:43:27 UTC 2015

> Not really.  The host statements are about *hosts* and you seem to want them to be about IP addresses.  A host can move from network to network, and if it needs a different static address on each one, you need to define that list of addresses for the host.
> ...Steve

Not exactly. The way you suggest is not the only way to configure. ISC 
DHCP already work like I explained with configuration files, with 
multiple host static statements for the same MAC address. This also 
allows hosts moving from network to network. Are you saying that this 
behavior is an error in ISC DHCP? If it is an error it should be 
reported. But, if it is not an error, why is OMAPI working in a 
different way?


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