classes for hostnames

Andreas Burger andreas at
Tue Oct 27 10:01:09 UTC 2015

hi there,

we define hosts with dedicated ip-adresses based on the mac.

and we have pools where known-clients are allowed.
to have them online, when tehy are in an other of our nets.

what i would like to do, is define classes that are allowed/denyed for 
some pools. but not baesd on mac, but on a regex of the hostname (or a 
tag or so)
has someone done such things or has a hint, how to make that?


Andreas Burger
Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich
Departement Hest                          ISG
LFV E31  8092 Zuerich        +41 44 632 68 54
andreas.burger at

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