classes for hostnames

Glenn Satchell glenn.satchell at
Tue Oct 27 12:57:52 UTC 2015

On Tue, October 27, 2015 9:01 pm, Andreas Burger wrote:
> hi there,
> we define hosts with dedicated ip-adresses based on the mac.
> and we have pools where known-clients are allowed.
> to have them online, when tehy are in an other of our nets.
> what i would like to do, is define classes that are allowed/denyed for
> some pools. but not baesd on mac, but on a regex of the hostname (or a
> tag or so)
> has someone done such things or has a hint, how to make that?
> regards
> andreas

See the dhcp-eval man page:

data-expression-1 ~= data-expression-2
data-expression-1 ~~ data-expression-2

       The ~= and ~~ operators (not  available  on  all  systems)
       perform  extended  regex(7)  matching of the values of two
       data  expressions,  returning  true  if  data-expression-1
       matches  against the regular expression evaluated by data-
       expression-2, or false if it does not match or  encounters
       some  error.   If  either the left-hand side or the right-
       hand side are null or empty strings, the  result  is  also
       false.   The  ~~  operator differs from the ~= operator in
       that it is case-insensitive.

So putting this with a class statement:

class "hostmatch" {
    match if option host-name ~~ "foo.*";

Note that I haven't tested this, so the syntax might not be 100% but it
should be close. The hostname might be fully qualified, so allow for that
in the regex.


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