Set up DHCP server IPv6 on Ubuntu 14.04

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Mon Dec 5 02:18:53 UTC 2016

Hi Niall,

Yes I mean 2001::7. Thanks for help point out the problem! I learn that it
need IPv6 prefix, I referred to a dhcpd6.conf from Internet and looked it

*default-lease-time 640;max-lease-time 700;log-facility local7;subnet6
2011:1:2::/48 {        # Range for clients        range6 2011:1:2::111
2011:1:2::234;        # Additional options        option
2011:1:2::2012;        option dhcp6.domain-search
"ipv6.domain.example";        # Prefix range for delegation to
sub-routers          prefix6 2011:1:2:2:: 2011:1:2:2:: /64;       # Example
for a fixed host address        host specialclient {
host-identifier option dhcp6.client-id
00:01:00:01:4a:1f:ba:e3:60:b9:1f:01:23:45;                fixed-address6
2011:1:2::110;        }}*

*root at reed-Lenovo:/etc/dhcp# /root/dhcp-4.3.4/server/dhcpd -6 -d -cf
/etc/dhcp/dhcpd6.conf eth0Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server
4.3.4Copyright 2004-2016 Internet Systems Consortium.All rights
reserved.For info, please visit
<>WARNING: Host declarations are global.
They are not limited to the scope you declared them in.Config file:
/etc/dhcp/dhcpd6.confDatabase file: /var/db/dhcpd6.leasesPID file:
/var/run/dhcpd6.pidWrote 0 deleted host decls to leases file.Wrote 0 new
dynamic host decls to leases file.Wrote 0 NA, 0 TA, 1 PD leases to lease
file.Bound to *:547Listening on Socket/5/eth0/2011:1:2::/48Sending on
Socket/5/eth0/2011:1:2::/48Server starting service.Solicit message from
fe80::3291:8fff:fe05:bf86 port 546, transaction ID 0xF5FFA00Advertise PD:
address 2011:1:2:2::/64 to client with duid 00:03:00:01:30:91:8f:05:bf:86
iaid = 1 valid for 640 secondsSending Advertise to
fe80::3291:8fff:fe05:bf86 port 546Request message from
fe80::3291:8fff:fe05:bf86 port 546, transaction ID 0x936B200Reply PD:
address 2011:1:2:2::/64 to client with duid 00:03:00:01:30:91:8f:05:bf:86
iaid = 1 valid for 640 secondsSending Reply to fe80::3291:8fff:fe05:bf86
port 546*

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 6:31 PM, Niall O'Reilly <niall.oreilly at> wrote:

> On 1 Dec 2016, at 9:47, Reed Xia wrote:
> I have a Ubuntu 14.04 with 2 Ethernet adapters(eth0 and eth1), eth0 is
>> connected to an homeware device, I need set up DHCP IPv6 service against
>> eth0(I set the IPv6 address for eth0 as 2007::7/64 in Ubuntu),
>   Perhaps you mean 2001::7 (mentioned in the configuration fragment you
> sent) ?
> and I want the homeware to obtain a fixed IPv6 address(2001::10),
>   2001::/32 is reserved for a specific purpose (see
> iana-ipv6-special-registry.xhtml).  Re-using part of this address space
> for your own, private
> purpose is likely to cause trouble for you or others.
>   You should not do this.
>   If you have not been assigned a global address prefix, you should
> consider using a Unique
>   Local IPv6 prefix (see
> so I did it in following way, now the problem is the homeware always
>> cannot get IPv6, I can see message "Unable to pick client prefix: no IPv6
>> pools on this shared network" from dhcpd service, I guess the dhcpd6.conf
>> have some problem, can you please help figure out?
>   The message is telling you that a 'pool6' specification is expected.  It
> is clear from
>   the man-page that this is allowed, but NOT clear that it is required.
> I'ld suggest
>   trying the following where you currently have just a 'range6'
> specification:
>   pool6 {
>     range6 ...
>   }
>   Best regards,
>   Niall O'Reilly
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- Reed
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