Sporatic failure to renew

Patrick Trapp ptrapp at nex-tech.com
Tue Mar 1 21:59:42 UTC 2016

Is it the same clients that are not renewing?

Have you determined whether they are sending renewal requests vs the server not honoring the requests?

Crazy thought just because the servers have moved - is the time-to-live set short? I worked a situations where the TTL on the server was just enough to reach every place in the office in question, but when they finally added Internet access, it didn't have enough TTL for anyone to access that system from remote offices.

Just throwing out ideas. I'm not familiar with the "initial 20-minute lease" you refer to, but I don't use this system for my workstations, just network access devices.

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   Has anyone had the experience of having Windows 7 fail to renew the initial 20 minute lease that is offered by the peer configuration?  Would Windows 7 be sensitive to packet lag?  How much time between does Windows 7 allow between REQUEST and ACK?


We are configured to hand out leases that range from 4 hours to 2 weeks.

A set of sites have last had their desktops imaged to Windows 7 about 6 years ago, no changes since then.

We have been using ISC DHCP for 10 years, but recently relocated our servers to another city.

Shortly after that a small percentage of these Window 7 desktops would sporadically not renew the 20 minute initial lease that the peer configuration hands out.

Don Friesen

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