How to set reserved lease via omshell

Frank Price fprice at
Wed Mar 2 06:06:05 UTC 2016

After the recent discussion of reserved leases, I decided to try this out
in our environment and do a test with omshell.  To my chagrin, I've played
with this all night and am no further along than I was.  I'm
running isc-dhcpd-4.2.5, by the way.

Here's what I'm doing:

 - enter omshell; give a server and key and connect.
 - new lease
    - set ip-address =
    - open

At this point I get the object attributes, which include state =
00:00:00:02 (meaning it's an active lease).  I should be able to mark this
as reserved, right?  But how do I actually do that?

The man page for dhcpd, under LEASES, says:
       Leases have the following attributes:

       state integer lookup, examine
            1 = free
            2 = active
            3 = expired
            4 = released
            5 = abandoned
            6 = reset
            7 = backup
            8 = reserved
            9 = bootp

This makes me think that reserved is an attribute of state, thus:
  - set state = 9 ; update
  - set state = 00:00:00:09 ; update

But I just get "can't update object: invalid argument" when I try to

A desperate bit of googling led me to, so I
  - set flags = 04:00:00:00
but that just crashed dhcpd for me.

I'm clearly missing something and I'm sure it's obvious, but right now I'm
at sea.  Anyone actually done this?

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