Problems building on Ubuntu 16.04

Andrei Pavel andrei.pavel at
Mon Sep 19 14:43:06 UTC 2016


I'm not able to build ISC DHCP on an Ubuntu 16.04. It doesn't seem to
be as easy as ./configure && make and I don't know what I'm missing.
So here's what I've done.

1. I've git cloned

2. I've installed the bind package through apt-get. Alternatively, on
another occasion, I've also installed bind9 from the git repository
with the same result below.

3. While on branch master, I've added 'subdir-objects' to
AC_INIT_AUTOMAKE in and run autoreconf --install so that
all the Makefiles are updated. This hasn't changed the Makefiles much
but it does get rid of all the warnings of autoreconf. This step isn't
very relevant.

4. I've pointed the ./configure to the location of the bind libraries
with --with-libbind.

5. On make, I get undefined references to symbols belonging to
pthread, libxml, openssl libraries and some others that are prefixed
with isc_, dns_, gssapi_ and others. This is the inconvenience.

Is there something obvious that I'm missing?

Would appreciate any help,
Andrei Pavel

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