Assigned IP address lost after reboot (Windows 10)

Jeremy Ainsworth jeremy at
Mon Sep 19 15:03:23 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I have set up an ISC dhcp6 server to statefully assign IPv6 addresses to a
few computers at home. The server is issuing addresses correctly and the
Windows 10 clients are configuring themselves accordingly.

I am experiencing a problem whereby if any Windows 10 computer is rebooted,
the assigned IP address is not re-instated unless I forcefully run
'ipconfig /release6' followed by 'ipconfig /renew6' after which the
previously assigned IPv6 address is added to the interface once again and
everything is back to normal (until the next reboot).

The entries in the server log file are the same for when the client is
rebooted and when the client is instructed to specifically renew it's IPv6
lease, so that doesn't reveal any specific clues.

I also noted a case where Windows 10 was reporting it's assigned IP address
is "Deprecated" and it wouldn't automatically renew. Again, I had to
forcefully release/renew on the command prompt for it to renew the lease
and re-instate the same IP address as "Preferred".

Any clues as to what is wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much
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