Information Request:Usage of OpenWrt package for DHCP

Thirumalesha R mthirurt at
Fri Aug 18 08:20:46 UTC 2017

Good Morning ISC

I am trying to run the ISC DHCP for openwrt. As mentioned  in the ISC DHCP
document, download complete package from
dhcp-4.1.0-openwrt.tar.gz, then executed gunzip dhcp-4.1.0-openwrt.tar.gz
and tar xvf dhcp-4.1.0-openwrt.tar. In this package there is no configure
file present, Started dhcpd at /etc/init.d/ , which says can't open lease
database /var/db/dhcpd.leases. May i know where do i find how to use this
package information or kindly guide me how to use this package.

Thanks and Regards
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