DHCP Server and Client on same interface

Sumant Gupta sumantgupta at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 17:10:41 UTC 2017

Actually the client is some  embedded linux board and has only serial
interface link and no Ethernet interface so I need to give dhcpv6 address
to that client.

On my host machine it is linux Ubuntu 14.05 and o am using ISC DHCP server
on Ubuntu machine


On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, Eugene Grosbein <eugen at grosbein.net> wrote:

> 22.08.2017 23:43, Sumant Gupta wrote:
> >  i am writing an application on host machine that reads the data
> >  from client which is connected serially via COM port to host machine
> >  where dhcp server is running,so i read the dhcp solicit from the serial
> interface
> >  from client and my application writes  to the TAP0 interface where dhcp
> server is running.
> > Now to write the data to TAP0 interface my application needs to populate
> the source MAC ,
> > destination MAC i .Destination MAC I can populate but how to fill the
> Source MAC?.
> >
> > Purpose is to provide Dhcp address to the serially connected Client?
> I cannot imagine why are you trying to use serial connection here.
> Why can't you normally read incoming packet using network interface,
> extract client's MAC address from the request and use it for reply?
> You still do not mention your operating system name and version and you
> should.
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