DHCP Server and Client on same interface

Eugene Grosbein eugen at grosbein.net
Tue Aug 22 17:00:12 UTC 2017

22.08.2017 23:43, Sumant Gupta wrote:

>  i am writing an application on host machine that reads the data
>  from client which is connected serially via COM port to host machine
>  where dhcp server is running,so i read the dhcp solicit from the serial interface
>  from client and my application writes  to the TAP0 interface where dhcp server is running.
> Now to write the data to TAP0 interface my application needs to populate the source MAC ,
> destination MAC i .Destination MAC I can populate but how to fill the Source MAC?.
> Purpose is to provide Dhcp address to the serially connected Client?

I cannot imagine why are you trying to use serial connection here.
Why can't you normally read incoming packet using network interface,
extract client's MAC address from the request and use it for reply?

You still do not mention your operating system name and version and you should.

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