Strange ISC dhcp server behavior

Sumant Gupta sumantgupta at
Wed Aug 23 14:53:30 UTC 2017


Configuration: client and server running on same machine.(although strange
but this is my req.)

My application ( which behaves as client) does not create any socket  and
writes the entire dhcpv6 solicit packet data to tap0 interface with source
ethernet addresses of tap0 interface and destination as Multicast address
onto the  interface  which server is running (in my case server is running
on tap0 interface).

Server is accepting the packet and sending the reply as seen in syslog
file. But my application is not receiving the reply packet when I read my
tap0 interface.
Do I need to bind my client application to port 546 so that I receive the
Should it not come to tap0 interface and from there I read the packet.
Also is source ethernet address in dhcp solicit can be of tap0 interface.

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