Forward and reverse maps removed upon restart

Giuseppe Vacanti gvacanti at
Sun Aug 27 08:01:30 UTC 2017


I have dhcpd running with ddns updates on. I maintain a list of known
MAC addresses that are given IP addresses on a certain subnet (via
hardware filtering and class assignment). When I update this list I have
to restart dhcpd. When I restart I see this happening

- named deleting an number of RRs
- dhcpd removing forward/reverse maps
- named deleting a number of rrsets

At this stage all dhcp clients are not reachable by name. Slowly they
all come back, but it takes quite some time (a few tens of minutes for
some) and this sends a wave of disruption through the network.

Is this the behavior I should expect? Or have I got myself into this
situation because of an unfortunate combination of configuration options?

I'll be grateful for any pointers.

Regards, Giuseppe

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