Script to run on DHCPNAK

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Fri Jul 21 07:14:08 UTC 2017

You might look into Simple Event Correlator (SEC)

It can monitor your log files and trigger events.  It's an rpm on Fedora; don't know about
other distros.  There's a mailling list and Risto, the author, is always responsive.


On 7/19/2017 8:18 PM, Mark Spring wrote:
> I am having some issues with network gear, and while arguing with vendors about who's problem it really is..I noticed that my 
> device receives a NAK before it receives the proper IP address from our server(when the gear comes back online). If I can 
> track this down in the logs then I can look for the ACK that follows, login to the device and reboot it properly.
> I wrote a script to try and tail the log file with bash and I have been able to pick off the traffic but the buffer when 
> tailing in bash leaves me with a case where time before the device is handled is indefinite.
> I have read about the "on commit" in the config and that doesn't seem to help, the expiry and other options don't seem to fit 
> my needs either.
> I'm not necessarily committed to BASH, it just seemed to be the quickest go to without a lot of fluff...considered PERL PHP or 
> Python. Don't have a lot of experience with one particular language, just use what works for each scenario.
> Let me know where I can fill in blanks!
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