dhcpv6 relay rfc6939 support

Thomas Markwalder tmark at isc.org
Tue Oct 31 11:00:38 UTC 2017

Hello Bryce:

To request a feature you may fill out a bug form request here:


Be sure to pick "DHCP feature request" as the type.   We'll evaluate your
request for possible inclusion in a future release.  As a small, non-profit
we have to allocate our resources based carefully.

Alternatively, you  can fill out the professional support contact form here:



Thomas Markwalder
ISC Sofware Engineering

On 10/30/17 6:31 PM, Bryce Larson wrote:
> I know cisco and brocade routers/switches have support for rfc6939 (adding the client mac address in as a relay option)
> now, but I'm looking for a cheaper solution than buying a new router/switch.  I've been looking for a software dhcpv6
> relay that has rfc6939 support.  The ISC dhcp relay doesn't at this point as far as I am aware.  Let me know if it does.
>  What would the process be for requesting that feature to be added to dhcrelay?  Also, does anyone know if there is any
> other software/cheap dhcpv6 relay that does support rfc6939?
> --Bryce Larson
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