How to sync a Linux secondary DHCP server?

Sandra Schlichting littlesandra88 at
Wed Aug 1 13:22:26 UTC 2018

> If, for example, you added fixed reservations using omapi, then you would
> need to register these same configuration with both dhcp servers.
> This is the only way to ensure there is consistent configuration on both
> servers.
> The leases files are different on the two servers, so you can't just copy
> the leases file from one server to the other.

My thought were to have two standalone dhcp servers. No failover, no
omapi. I would then rsync/scp the reserverations to the other when I
make changes.

Of course this means, the leases on each would be different, and that
is my question. What would happen if two identical dhcp servers with
identical reservations offer the same IP's?

The motivation would be to get a simple two dhcp server setup without
using the builtin failover.

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