How to sync a Linux secondary DHCP server?

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Wed Aug 1 13:32:02 UTC 2018

You could do that as long as there are no dynamic leases (ie: everyone has a fixed-address or similar). 

You would want to make sure that you didn't have: 


in the config file as that would cause the servers to NAK each other's traffic (I think it still would with fixed-address). 

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> > If, for example, you added fixed reservations using omapi, then you would
> > need to register these same configuration with both dhcp servers.

> > This is the only way to ensure there is consistent configuration on both
> > servers.

> > The leases files are different on the two servers, so you can't just copy
> > the leases file from one server to the other.

> My thought were to have two standalone dhcp servers. No failover, no
> omapi. I would then rsync/scp the reserverations to the other when I
> make changes.

> Of course this means, the leases on each would be different, and that
> is my question. What would happen if two identical dhcp servers with
> identical reservations offer the same IP's?

> The motivation would be to get a simple two dhcp server setup without
> using the builtin failover.
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