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Mon Jan 8 17:13:03 UTC 2018


I have about 35 fixed IP addresses in a subnet. But I don't want to
configure 35 different IP Ranges so that the fixed IP addresses are not in
the range. Is there an easier way to prevent the fixed IP addresses from
being assigned to other DHCP clients when they are not online?  
The hosts must keep their fixed IP addresses. The addresses are spread
across the range.

I have read various statements. Some say that if the host is assigned a
fixed address, it will no longer be assigned by DHCP. The other statement is
that fixed IP addresses must not be within the range.

What's true?

In total I have about 800 fixed IP addresses in different subnets. Building
the right range for this is extremely complex.

 With a Windows DHCP server, a fixed IP address may be in the range. There
must be a solution for the ISC DHCP server, right?

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