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This line: 

Jul  5 13:14:35 a-rl-dhcp1 dhcpd[20145]: bind update on from dhcp-failover rejected: unknown IP address 
Makes it seem like it was handed out dynamically. Static assignments with fixed-address are not written to a lease file. They are also not sent to the peer. 

I'm not sure what is going on here. 

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> Hi!

> * "Christian Kratzer" <ck-lists at> wrote:

>> oh now there is also redunancy involved so you have two config files and two
> > lease files.

> > If you want help please do as asked previously

> > 1. post logs of the transaction

> > 2. post both configs that were effective at time of the transaction

>> 3. check both lease files for the ip and the mac at the time of the transaction
> > for entries with the mac or the ip

> > The more you obfuscate the less anybody can help you.

> Attached the config and log files.

> is reserved and is excludes from the dynamic range.
> dhcpd.conf is the same on the first and second server (dhcpd1.conf)
> The dhcpd.leases file an the second server does not contain the lease.

> Regards,
> Frank
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