Option 82 is missing from Secondry lease file incase of failover

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If any ISC employee is still monitoring this list, could we get an official confirmation that option 82 data (ie: option agent.circuit-id and option agent.remote-id) is NOT shared during the failover synchronization between failover peers and that this is by design (ie: not a bug)? 

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> Hi,

> On Mon, 2 Jul 2018, perl-list wrote:

>> This is still a problem. It isn't that only the primary has the option 82
>> information. Its actually that the issuing server (the one that sent the offer)
>> has the option 82 information in the dhcpd.leases file. The one that did not
>> issue and received the lease via failover synchronization DOES NOT have the
>> option 82 stashed in the dhcpd.leases file. I have stash-agent-options true; in
> > the config file.

> yes I believe I cam to the same conclusion when evaluating isc dhcp failover for
> a certain use case a couple of years ago.

> Agent options are not replicated between failover peers.

> I added agent options to the omapi lease lookups back then.

> Something similar would have to be done to the lease replication for failover
> but I have not looked into it.

> Time would propably be better spent in transitioning to KEA which also has a
> superior failover mode that also works for ipv6.

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