allow dhcp only for known mac addresses

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to use the class method you would then use keywords "allow members of <class>" and "deny members of <class>" 

to use the host method , you would then use keywords "allow unknown clients" and "deny unknown clients" 

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> Hi

> On 18/07/2018 15.35, Vivek Patil wrote:

>> Hi All,

>> I have setup ISC DHCP server 4.2.4 on ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I need to activate allow
>> DHCP to only those machines whose mac I allowed. All unknown mac machines
>> should be deny.

> I use classes with membership based on HWaddress (MAC), I put every MAC in a
> subclass statement in an include file. The benefit of doing things this way is
> the I can also assign router info and other things to each MAC independently.

> The other option is to use a host statement but leave out the fixed address
> stuff.

>> I dont want mac binding (fixed-address)

>> Somebody please help me how I can do this.
>> Thanks in advance.

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