long delay in client seeing an offer

Jim Pazarena dhcp at paz.bz
Sat May 5 20:25:12 UTC 2018

i have a simple single network 192.168.1.xxx and a freebsd server running isc dhcp . some times but not always , it can take 5-10-15 minutes for a device to see an offer ; but eventually it does . discover / offer / discover / offer over and over until eventually the offer IS seen .
can anyone suggest what could be causing the non receipt of the offer . while it IS a simple network , it IS on a vlan . 
i have tried turning on broadcast , turning off broadcast . odd thing is , sometimes the offer is received on the very first offer . other times , same device , same location (wireless router) a long delay .
are there network protocols which be messing with a broadcast offer ?
thanks for any and all suggestions .

Jim Pazarena - 778.786.0182 (home #)
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