long delay in client seeing an offer

Bill Shirley bill at c3po.polymerindustries.biz
Sun May 6 00:42:53 UTC 2018

I saw this once where there was a network problem.  Discover/offer over and over.  Turns
out the device wasn't seeing any replies.  We power cycled the switch and bingo, it works.

Could it be that your device is on the fringe of the RF signal's range?

There are a bunch of brain-dead devices out there. I have one that does a discover/offer/
request/ack cycle every 30 seconds.  Another device, IPv6, gets an address and immediately
issues another request, over and over, filling up the log file.  I had to DROP its requests in the
iptables mangle table.


On 5/5/2018 4:25 PM, Jim Pazarena wrote:
> i have a simple single network 192.168.1.xxx and a freebsd server running isc dhcp . some times but not always , it can take 5-10-15 minutes for a device to see an offer ; but eventually it does . discover / offer / discover / offer over and over until eventually the offer IS seen .
> can anyone suggest what could be causing the non receipt of the offer . while it IS a simple network , it IS on a vlan .
> i have tried turning on broadcast , turning off broadcast . odd thing is , sometimes the offer is received on the very first offer . other times , same device , same location (wireless router) a long delay .
> are there network protocols which be messing with a broadcast offer ?
> thanks for any and all suggestions .
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