failover problem??

project722 project722 at
Fri Sep 14 12:53:23 UTC 2018

Hey guys I just established a new failover relationship between 2 rhel 6
servers running dhcp 4.1.1. I created the relationship about 10 hours ago.
I'm doing some checking and I'm seeing the following in the logs from each

server A - (primary)
Sep 13 09:45:54 serverA dhcpd: balanced pool 55ab409d8790 <poolname>  total
884  free 151  backup 150  lts 0  max-misbal 45

Server B - (secondary)
Sep 13 09:45:53 serverB dhcpd: balanced pool 5654c47474a0 <poolname>  total
884  free 157  backup 144  lts -6  max-misbal 45

The ultimate plan is to decom server A and sync B with a new Primary once I
verify all lease data from A has synced to B. But, my concern here is the
discrepency I see in the "free" and "backup" numbers from each server. If
the pools are balanced, shouldn't these numbers be the same?
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