DHCP PD best practise

Nico Schottelius nico.schottelius at ungleich.ch
Sat Sep 15 21:54:24 UTC 2018

Good evening,

we are a small hosting / network provider in Switzerland and are running
our infrastructure "IPv6 first" - aka only adding IPv4 where necessary
and the core network is 100% IPv6 only.

All of our hosting customers currently have 1 IPv6 address
assigned and can request a /64 network, which we currently manually
route to their VM.

We are now considering an infrastructure revamp and would like to switch
to more "standard techniques", like DHCP & DHCP PD.

When looking at the ISC DHCPd, we see that there is PD support, however
some things are rather unclear to us:

- Given that you can trust the mac address (we can ensure that), how do
  you ensure that a client can only request a certain number (1, 2, x?)
- Similar: is there a way to grant clients access to a /64 or /48 (or
  anything in between) defaulting to /64?
- How does dhcpd ensure that a system is adding the respective route to
  the client? If it is not dhcpcd, how is it commonly solved?
- Does dhcpd have hooks? If yes, what kind of hooks are available and
  how do we pass information to them?

I hope we have not overseen the documentation parts for these questions,
but if so, we would be happy if you point us to it.

Best regards from the mountains,


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